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(not gonna lie haven't even touched this in a while) Phate6660
(main, most active) Phate6660
(libre.fm is like a FOSS last.fm) phate6660
(secondary, somewhat active) phate

About me:

Use GPG? Here's my key.

I'm a Linux enthusiast who programs for fun. I'm also a privacy activist, to a fault really.

Skills: Rust, BASH scripting, and a little bit of various other languages such as;
AutoHotKey, batch scripting, C++, Clojure, F#, Haskell, JS, PHP, Racket, and Scala.
Here are some projects of mine.

I also really like to make things in Blender.
If anyone's interested, check out the gallery to view some things I've made.


- Linux PC: Optiplex 7010, 16GB of RAM, i5-3470 CPU, 512MB DDR3 AMD GPU (I forgot the name, so here's the specs)
  + Redragon K556 Mechanical Keyboard
  + Blackweb 6-Button Gaming Mouse
  + 1280x1024 AH-IPS VGA ASUS Monitor
  + 1440x900 Dell Monitor
- Windows PC: Optiplex 7010, 16GB of RAM, i5-3470 CPU, AMD Radeon R7 430 (2GB GDDR5 low-profile) RIP Windows PC


- OSes: Gentoo (primary), LFS+Bedrock (secondary)
- WMs:
  + LeftWM (primary)
  + herbsluftwm (secondary)
  + Openbox (favorite, but currently not using)
  + EXWM (WM in Emacs, also not using)
- Editors: Vim (primary), Emacs (secondary)
- Terminals: UXTerm (primary), Alacritty (secondary)
- Shells:
  + BASH (primary)
  + cicada (secondary, soon to be primary)
  + and I also have a few eyes on some other shells written in Rust

Friends and/or other people of interest:

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This is licensed under my license, the NON-LICENSE:

Anybody, is allowed to do anything, with this.
Any and all copyright restrictions are hereby revoked.

This website is open source!